1.  Financial donations to support:  Heat for families during the winter, food from the food bank,     gas to get to the food bank(over 100 miles away) 

 2.  Non-perishable/non-expired food items

 3.  Disposable diapers and plastic or glass baby bottles

 School book bags and supplies

 4.  New clothing, coats, hats, mittens/gloves, boots, shoes,   new mattresses, blankets, bedding, used furniture, 

  5. Gardening and/or building repair tools, supplies.

  6.  Please contact us for a complete list of needed items.


Call:  605 441 9863 or 901 870-7456


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In efforts to make Christmas a little brighter,  FWT sponsors a Community Parade Of Lights. Through donations to our organizations from generous providers we are able to provide the children of the reservation with gifts as well as fruit and cookies. The children look forward to this activity at the end of each year.

FWT also holds an Easter Egg Hunt with thousands of eggs hidden by our volunteers for children to find.

Throughout the year we either sponsor or help to sponsor and event for the children almost every month.  We are expecting this to grow bigger as the resources continue to be provided.

Families Working Together

Jerome and Theresa High Horse

        Co Founders/Operations 

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605 441 9863

  There are  homes in the rural areas of Wanblee or on     the reservation, also called the Rez,  that do not have      indoor plumbing, so families must resort to outhouses.   Through volunteers, FWT has provided outhouses.         The finished structure minimizes the risk of health           concerns of sanitation caused by contamination and        disease.

  Homes with toxic black mold and other dangerous          mold exposure is another major health concern.  FWT   provides information on mold remediation, removal,      and clean-up as well as helping to provide help in the     eradication of the problem.

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Robert Olson, C.P.A.


4606 Shore Acres Road

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Robert Epps, Sr. and Mary Grimme Epps​                 Co Founders/ Home Office   

      356 SD Hgwy 44      PO. Box #321

                  Wanblee, SD  57577