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Robert Olson, C.P.A.


4606 Shore Acres Road

Monona, WI 53716

Robert Epps, Sr. and Mary Grimme Epps​            Co Founders/ Home Office   

                 PO. Box #785

                DeForest, WI 53532

Jerome and Theresa High Horse

        Co Founders/Operations 

1272 Sioux Circle, PO. Box #317 Wanblee, SD 57577

Families Working Together

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Families Working Together (FWT) is an non-profit organization that is focused on promoting improvements for the Oglala Sioux People on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. FWT helps through the improvement of housing, providing food, clothing, furniture and household items, and providing social activities for the children.


Our goal is to eradicate poverty by improving sustainable livelihoods through self-food production, housing and sanitation improvement,  and on-the-job training with an emphasis on enabling individuals to work toward becoming self-sufficient. 


FWT operations in Wanblee is located on the northern section of the reservation near the Badlands. Headquarters is in DeForest, Wisconsin. The goal of FWT is to provide humanitarian assistance to  residents by saving lives, alleviate suffering, and maintaining and protecting the human dignity of the Oglala Sioux People.

Eradicating Poverty One Family and One Reservation at a time