Trees are gathered, cut and delivered to families providing heat during the cold winter months.

​​​ Families Working Together is working with other individuals in the Eagle Nest District and surrounding area in an attempt to create a:


​                         Happy Healthy Community as defined by the following objectives:


1.  Children and Elders feel nurtured, loved and secure.

2.  All people feel valued;  understanding and feeling the importance of their place in the community.

3.  The only gossip  is "good gossip" people observe and tell each other the "good things" they have seen someone doing.

4.  Trust is given and trust is felt because people tell each other the truth and don't feel they have to sabotage or pull another person down to build themselves up. 

5.  The community is alcohol and substance free because there is no longer a need to medicate the pain or the hurt of the present.

6.   Wealth is determined by what you give rather than what you get. 

7.   Cooperation, not competition is the force behind action.

8.   The land and animals are healthy because they are respected a relations.

All relationships are characterized by a generous spirit that offers help (takes initiative) and follows through with respect compassion and trust.

9.   Doors do not need to be locked

10. Tradition, culture and spirituality are woven into the fabric of all programs and activities.

11.  Gratitude for community, family and the land is felt and expressed each day.

                                      Please join us as we all work together



             Phone:    (608) 221-1462



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    ROBERT L EPPS, SR. and              MARY GRIMME EPPS ​           Co Founders


              Phone:   605 462 6888


    Address: 356 SD Hgwy 44, PO Box 321

                Wanblee, SD  57577


605 462 6888


Families Working Together

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FWT renovates and builds much                                    needed homes

Robert Epps, Sr. and Mary Grimme Epps
Co Founders/Operations

 356 SD Hgwy 44

PO. Box #321

Wanblee, SD  57577

Robert Olson, C.P.A.


7880 Sweeney Road

Barneveld, WI  53507